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Citizen astronomy - Hirikilabs
2017 > 2019
An open group in collaboration with the Astronomy Department of the Aranzadi Sciences Society that will discuss topics...
cinema and technology
2018 > 2019
The experimental film and technology lab aims to cast a critical eye on the use of technology (both analogue and...
Open group that intends to research 3D printing
2016 > 2019
Open group that intends to research 3D printing in the domestic environment and to learn by using free software...
Open inmersion thermal circulator
2017 > 2019
Food Hack Lab meets with the idea of ​​developing projects that provide solutions in gastronomic, culinary or...
Grupo de trabajo para crear material educativo abierto
2018 > 2019
Its aim is to create reproducible materials on specific topics and methodologies not contemplated by the school...
Wired UK - NDNAD Infographic - Jer Thorp
2018 > 2019
Data Commons Lab is a production space for analysing and viewing data led by Montera34.
Textile experimentation group
2017 > 2019
This open group was launched with the idea of​ experimenting with textiles, working with the possibilities offered by...
Citizen Participation in Environmental Research - IMVEC
This group launched in collaboration with IMVEC is open to all those interested in issues related to contaminated...
Accesibility to communication - Garagune - open group
2017 > 2018
This is a research, experiment and application project which enables intellectually diverse people to communicate in...
bicycle rack diy created with recycled materials
Birzikleteroak is made up of a group of parents from Aitor ikastola who are concerned about their children’s ability to...
Urban level landings
The purpose of this initiative is to consider mobility needs from the perspective of functional diversity in districts...
This open group was created by teachers so that they serve as an alternative to all those centres that think about...
Guifinet san sebastian Egia
This open group aims to design an open mobile node developed by the Guifinet group in Egia and San Sebastian.
basuqe language and technology
Bagera Association, from the #Euskarriak of DSS2016EU project, has proposed the challenge of building a machine that...
new artisans makers hackers
2014 > 2016
This workgroup, coordinated by Karlos Liberal and Paola G. Guimerans, aims to promote the work of the "new craft...


Hirikilabs Plaza

The Hirikilabs Plaza open call for projects is a process in which anyone can bring project proposals related to technology and / or digital culture to be developed at Hirikilabs in collaboration with other people.

Eginzaleak! 2018

La 6ª Semana de la tecnología y la fabricación digital engloba una serie de actividades en torno a la tecnología ciudadana en ámbitos tan diversos como: la fabricación digital, el diseño, el desarrollo de hardware, la investigación en torno a nuevos usos del código o el software...

SummerLab 2019

SummerLab es un campamento de verano, un encuentro cooperativo temporal en torno a temáticas relacionadas con diversos ámbitos de la tecnología, la cultura digital, el diseño abierto y el aprendizaje en común, que reúne iniciativas referentes en estos ámbitos.

Del aula al laboratorio 2019

En el encuentro Del aula al laboratorio, dirigido a la comunidad escolar, reivindicaremos la imagen del docente creador, de los que diseñan espacios para la experimentación y experiencias para el aprendizaje. 

Hirikilabs, citizen laboratory brochure


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Hirikilabs opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00

3rd floor




+34 943 259 300



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Map of Hirikilabs - Digital Culture and Technology Laboratory

Plano Laboratorio Hirikilabs Tabakalera San Sebastián