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Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange

Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange is the result of the work of a group of artists in order to understand another artist and his contexts through the archive that all of his documents make up; an articulation that crosses the work and the life of Darcy Lange, and now also that of Tractora.

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Tódalas mulleres que coñezo

From the personal to the political, the experiences of diverse women show how masculinised and violent life in the street continues to be today. Direct and horizontal cinema, self-criticism and the breaking of the story. A history of universal sisterhood. Presented by Xiana do Teixeiro.

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L’intrus (the intruder) is an exhibition about how difficult it is to make an ethical and complex picture of the stranger. The stranger is someone that “the community” cannot see clearly. The stranger is the one who, by their presence, challenges the natural assumptions of the place in which they are strange.

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This is a new video in the series of little big stories that may happen any day at Ubik-Creation Library




L’Intrus Redux


    “Just to put it bluntly,” she says, “should I be reading this exhibition as a diagnosis of what is happening in the world right now? And am I to understand that such a diagnosis primarily concerns what is happening to Europe? Isn’t what...

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Circo de Sastre at Tabakalera


Storytellers of sound, cloth and light, the Japanese Circus of Sastre bring their particular universe to Europe.

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