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Infinite flow. Sound workshops

Sound workshops
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Workshops to highlight the importance of sound in our lives: exploring the possibilities we have of affecting the sound that we receive, reproduce and generate.

In these workshops, we will pay attention to the varying phenomena of sound and learn to differentiate said phenomena. We will learn to use tools designed for different aspects of the phenomenon of sound, from the register of sound sources and field recordings to the creation of our own sound pieces, including the creation of small devices/instruments.

There is no silence, all is permeated by sound. Let us be part of the infinite flow!



January 25th
Resonating objects

Everything can be turned into an instrument. We’ll build an instrument or object using parts and materials within easy reach (drinks cans, pieces of wood or metal), combined with contact microphones which will amplify our interactions with the objects and enable us to connect them to any sound system. We’ll see how different designs and materials transmit vibrations differently to our ears — in other words, how each instrument sounds different.


February 22nd
The fabric of sound Travelling across the spider's web

All sounds can generate new relationships and interpretations in relation to other sounds, to the extent of weaving a strong yet fragile space. The combinations are infinite. In this workshop we will blend a diverse array of sound files, starting with recordings made in advance by the workshop participants. We will take a formal and conceptual look at sound creation processes throughout. 


March 27nd
Between you and I, an entire invisible universe vibrates

In this session we will build an oscilloscope or spectrometer so that we can see and experiment with the visual representation of sound waves. These instruments will enable us to appreciate all the waves that our brain, ears and sound decoders don’t perceive as relevant vibrations, but which nonetheless affect our bodies as they travel through the space around us.


April 27th

Live creation. How to prepare and arrange a live performance or studio recording

In light of the questions that arose during other sessions we’ve decided to dedicate an Infinite Flow session to the preparation of a set for a live performance. From testing sequencers and mixing desks to cabling and microphones, we will try to solve doubts and give practical examples that you can try in the hall. We’ll start with a basic DJ setup consisting of a computer and a controller, to then add and mix options and elements to create a multi-form instrument.


May 31st

Introduction to Circuit Bending

In this last Infinite Flow session we're going to look in more depth at one of the aspects that’s fun and at the same time full of potential for sound exploration: Circuit Bending or the modification of circuits. We’ll look at different artists who have turned this practice into a great form of expression, with works that are aesthetically and aurally surprising. Armed with our soldering irons we will reconfigure the insides of the sound-producing objects we want (musical keyrings, toys, speak and spell…). Don’t miss this opportunity to play and experiment.