The Shortest Week 2018 - LABO 4 - 2018 - Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

LABO 4 - 2018

Presented by Sébastien Duclocher

Snap, Felipe Elgueta, Ananké Pereira, Alba Fabiola Gaviraghi Espinoza

LABO 4, 81'. All films will be screened with Basque subtitles.

Presentation: Sébastien Duclocher, member of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.


David O'Reilly, USA-Ireland, , 2017 10'40, OV with Basque subtitles, DCP

An interactive experience about life narrated by recordings of the great British philosopher Alan Watts.


Pang-Chuan Huang, France, , 2017 19'48, OV with Basque subtitles, DCP

Two journeys take place in two different periods. One is a train journey across two continents. The other follows an old family photograph back to life during wartime. The rhythmic swaying of the train reveals a forgotten memory.

bendito Machine IV

Jossie Malis Alvarez, France-Spain, , 2018 13'57, No dialogues, DCP

An inevitable and enigmatic biotechnological imbrication is just around the corner. What can go wrong?


Felipe Elgueta, Ananké Pereira, Alba Fabiola Gaviraghi Espinoza, Chile, , 2017 19'32

Axel is saving money for a sex-change operation to become Alexa; Bastian has to deal with his drag alter ego, Anna Balmanica; Alfonso, a young student from a poor neighbourhood wants to change his social status. A reflection about the body, the city and segregation.


Awasarn Sound Man

Sorayos Prapapan, Tailandia, , 2017 15'51

Two sound recordists are working on a film. They realize that, just as the Thai government never listens to its citizens, the audience doesn't care about the sound they work on.


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