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Hirikilabs Plaza

Hirikilabs Plaza are the sessions taking place every Thursday afternoon, open laboratory sessions. It is the place to meet people eager to develop projects in collaboration.  An environment for interaction with individuals, groups and communities of practice, so that together they can make ideas evolve from DIY (do it yourself) to DIWO (do it with other people).

How can I join Hirikilabs Plaza?

You can just come to the lab every Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00 and collaborate with the running projects, and, if you wish, you can submit a project while an open call is active.  There are two open calls each year.

What is Hirikilabs Plaza open call?

The Hirikilabs Plaza open call for projects is a process in which anyone can bring project proposals related to technology and / or digital culture to be developed at Hirikilabs in collaboration with other people. The philosophy of Hirikilabs Plaza is the promotion of free culture, open design and sharing knowledge. Submit's for the ninth open calls until September 20, 2018. More info and proposals submit: Hirikilabs Plaza - Open Call for Open Projects.

  • Holocube Raspeberry Pi Python


    The aim of this project is to make a three-dimensional display out of a 8x8x8 LED cube to create some simple games in three dimension version. To do so Raspberry Pi open hardware will be used, as well as python for programming.

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  • Bauhaus graffiti toolkit

    Bauhaus Graffiti Toolkit

    Open-source Teaching Guide and Toolkit to create urban graphic interventions.

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  • DIY photo developing station DIY

    DIY photo developing station

    The aim of this project is designing and prototyping one DIY / DIWO open source model that allows new users enter analogical photography at a lower cost.

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  • Papirudia Papiroflexia raspberry pi


    Using the Mathematica application in a Raspberry-Pi, aims to find a low cost application that allows mapping on geometric forms created with paper by projecting colored lights.

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  • openbike open source bike diy bici


    #Openbike project consists on the design and manufacture of a DIY bike model.

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  • Psycheledia leds


    2013 > 2014
    PsycheLEDia project has been developed during the first half of 2014 Hirikilabs and involves the creation of a LED frame, a panel of 16x16 pixels that can be used for different purposes.

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