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  • Wednesday, 22 May 2019
    Conferences and seminars

    A look at the world of VFX

    Masterclass by Jose Miguel Zapata Rubio

    The world of the VFX is a world on the rise and is of interest from both the technological and artistic point of view. It encompasses and brings together a wide range of different areas.

    / 10:00 Location: 2deo
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • Thursday, 23 May 2019
    Conferences and seminars

    From the economy of attention to the ecology of attention

    Yves Citton defends the second approach and elaborates some key issues for an “ecology of attention” as an alternative to an over-stimulation that crushes us. We hope you find time to listen to it ...

    / 19:00 Location: Z Hall
    Organiser: Tabakalera