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Las lindas

Melisa Liebenthal

Las Lindas, Melisa Liebenthal

Las Lindas, Melisa Liebenthal, Argentina, 2016, 77', VO

Melisa is 24 and is the main character and director of this documentary film where she interviews five of her childhood friends. In front and behind the camera they talk about their childhood experiences, about friendship, about identity, about growing up, about being women, about maturing, about fears, plans and dreams for the future. They are intimate stories that form a shared imaginary about the experience of “growing up”.

At the same time, the director goes through her personal archive of photos, videos and memories and asks herself, and asks us: Why do I have to smile? Why do I have to look good in the photos? Why do they mistake me for a man? Why are other people's views so important? The result is an intimate, emotional and humorous portrait about the construction of genders, about the desire to deconstruct the mandates and prohibitions of "the expected", about the roles of image and about the capacity of documentary film to portray what is close to us.

Worldwide première at the Rotterdam Festival 2016, Bright Future Award. Best director at the Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires (BAFICI) 2016. 

  • Date: Sunday, 22 January 2017
  • Schedule: 18:00
  • Location: Cinema - Screen 1
  • Access: Ticket
  • Price: 3,5€ (2x1 for underageds)
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