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Letters to Max

Carte Blanche to the Documentary Film Festival Punto de Vista

Letters to max. Eric Baudelaire

Letters to MaxEric Baudelaire, France, 2014, 103'

Abkhazia is something of a paradox: a country that exists, in the physical sense of the word (a territory with borders, a government, a flag, a language), yet it has no legal existence because for almost twenty years it was not recognized by any other nation state. And so Abkhazia exists without existing, caught in a liminal space, a space in between realities. Which is why my first letter to Max was something of a message in a bottle thrown at sea.

Oskar Alegría

  • Date: Friday, 9 October 2015
  • Schedule: 19:00
  • Location: Cine - Sala 1
  • Access: Ticket
  • Price: 3,5€


Eric Baudelaire

Eric Baudelaire

Visual artist and filmmaker

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