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Lindy HoP

Lindy HoP

Harlem, ends of 20. In the starts of the Swing Era and after the fever of the Charleston, several dances linked to the Jazz come together to create the new one with a spectacular result: Lindy Hop. Nowadays, it has turned into a phenomenon of global scope, a cultural movement and a way of understanding the leisure from the participation, the exchange and the conviviality. Since over everything and in essence, Lindy Hop is ... pure happiness.

The Jazz is danced too, come to discover it with Donosti Lindy Hop & Dj Mr. Patxi "Crazy Legs" and a selection of the best classic jazz and swing to dance, in a social dance opened for everyone who wants to take part. Donosti Lindy Hop Dantza eta Kultur Elkartea is a non-profit association for the diffusion of the music and the dance associated with the classic Jazz and other related styles, principally Swing and Lindy Hop.

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