- Live from Tabakalera: Verde Prato - Verde Prato (Ana Arsuaga) | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Live from Tabakalera: Verde Prato

Verde Prato was created in February 2019. Ana Arsuaga experiments with the keyboard, looper and above all, with the voice in this project. When composing, she focuses on popular songs, due to the great presence of the voice in them, the types of melodies and the theme and simplicity of the lyrics. From each different music she hears she takes different elements, and tries not to set limits. This freedom is notorious especially in the bases. While she is composing both, the lyrics and the music, she makes a selection of few elements. Betting always on simplicity, since she is interested in the strength and presence that each of these components acquires.


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Verde Prato (Ana Arsuaga)

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