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Louise Bédard - Open Studio

I would like to share some recent movement exploration in Tabakalera’s Studio 1 since I have been in artistic residency there for the last few weeks.  One zone of exploration covers the physical body and the second my preoccupation with the studio space itself in conjunction with objects I found there (tables, chairs etc.) and others I brought to it. 

How might I simply add things to the space that will enhance or reduce the way we normally see things?  The body will move according to sensations and impulses coming from the present moment, but will also be stimulated, in various ways, by the surroundings, thus giving an impression of being in a constantly changing space.

Every attempt in a creative process (taking photos, playing with materials and objects) nourishes my approach towards making dance.  It allows me to envision new ways to explore choreography and to inform my personal interest towards mixing an art form expressed with the body and one that is more related to visual art.

It is this ongoing process that I would like to share in Studio 1 of the creator´s space at Tabakalera.

This residency was part of an exchange between Quebec Arts council and Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa with Tabakalera and Dantzaz.


Louise Bédard

Dancer and choreographer

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