M-ETXEA | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


M-etxea is a collective that was created at the school of Architecture from San Sebastian, in 2007. It is formed by students, ex-students and teachers, whose objective is creating a workshop and a space to think about the use of the housing.

They started by organizing some workshops, and in 2010, the collective turned into an association. In the same year, they also organized the third encounter "Arquitecturas Colectivas". This meeting lead on strengthening the network, the synergy between the members and having a chance to suggest a reflection about the possible models for managing the Ziriza building as a cultural center. Afterwards, they started to work in the organization and developing several initiatives with the objective of changing places in disuse, through citizen participation.

The incentive of M-etxea is being able to investigate the use of architectonic and urban spaces in a proactive way. They always start from an architectonic reality, but always maintaining a practical view. While being, at the same time, users an designers of space, those ideas that are developed are investigated and analyzed right there. In other words, the emphasis is on the user and their ways of occupying and using the space where they live.