SummerLab'17 - Maker heritage: Engineer Torres Quevedo and the Ulía aerial tram - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Maker heritage: Engineer Torres Quevedo and the Ulía aerial tram

Ulia aerial tram

Leonardo Torres Quevedo was born in Valle de Iguña (Cantabria). His family resided in Bilbao, where he completed his first studies at the Instituto Vizcaíno. He was a Civil Engineer, and basically devoted his time to developing “machines” dedicated to transport (aerial trams, dirigibles, bimaran), calculus (analogue and digital), remote control (telekino), and automatons (chess player). He also expored other fields, with inventions such as the dianemologo (1907), or a guiding system for cities. We could say that he was a prototype of “maker”.

This SummerLab is related to the Ulia aerial tram, opened on mount Ulía 110 years ago. It was 280 metres long and climbed an elevation of 28 metres between the departure and arrival stations. The journey took just over three minutes and up to 18 passengers could ride on it each time.

With this node proposed within the SummerLab the aim is to create a stable group for the future that can work on the development of maker projects related to technical heritage. To do so, the following activities have been proposed:
Thursday 13

12:00 Talk
Torres Quevedo, "obstinado guerrillero de la invención"

18:00 Guided tour
Guided tour of the remains of the Ulía aerial tram starting at the Ulia nursery park, where from 7 July a scale model of the old attraction park and cable car is on display. The tour guides will be Josu Aranbarri and Francisco Gonzalez.
Friday 14

Construction of the cable car cabin using 3D printing.  In Hirikilabs