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Maps&data: The Airbnb effect in figures

Map of the Airbnb lodging apartments in Barcelona

Map of the Airbnb lodging apartments in Barcelona

Airbnb has been accused of contributing to a rise in housing prices and being a disruptive element in local communities, while in other cases it is argued that the website's supposed gentrifying effect is exaggerated. Which thesis is correct?

On this occasion, the workshop on data and mapping will attempt to provide greater visibility and objectify the effect of Airbnb on housing in the Basque capitals and its relation to the real estate situation in each city. The Montera34 collective, which has already held a workshop on digital citizen mapping and the introduction of data visualisations relating to maps in 2016, returns to offer an exercise on a real, local case. On this occasion, the Workshop will discuss the availability of accommodation on the Airbnb web platform in the capital cities of the Basque Country (San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria) and its bearing on the real estate situation in these cities.

In addition, the workshop will be rounded out with the presence of Sito Veracruz from Fairbnb, a citizen network initiated in Amsterdam, which is working on an alternative to Airbnb that is governed by its users and respectful of the cities where it operates.




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