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The library's collection is enriched every day by using different sources and projects with which to collect the best possible information belonging to the centre's thematic areas. These documents are available to everyone.

The collection is supported by two main sources. Firstly, content has been gathered through purchases, exchanges, donations and similar actions, and also the Makusi archive that collects the information and documentation of the activities organised by Tabakalera from 2005 to the present. Access to this archive is open to citizens in the Tabakalera Archive section.

In the Ubik catalogue you can find information on the 32,000 records the library has, as well as carry out specific searches and reserve content. For those who wish to discover content relating to varying topics, we invite you to browse through the following collections.



At Makusi, the Tabakalera Archive we collect all the information and documentation produced around each of the activities and projects organised by Tabakalera. We are also incorporating other archive collections from different projects, such as DSS2016.European Capital of Culture. For those who wish to discover content relating to varying topics, we invite you to also browse through the following selections from the archive.




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