Opening Programme - Microworkshops for families - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Microworkshops for families

Those micro workshops are a unique opportunity for families to come to Tabakalera all together. Different ways of knowing the building, to walk it and investigate its possibilities will be proposed. Four workshops  in four different areas will be developed simultaneously, so moving from one to another and participating in all of them will be possible.


1- Architecture workshop with Maushaus collective. The architectural concepts related to the building as symmetry , volume and emptiness , windows ... allow us to build new versions of Tabakalera .

2.- Workshop on bodies and movement by Muelle3 collective. Moving through space, playing , running,  projecting  your voice or measuring our body ... all these actions will arise as a performative game to approach a new space from the body and its movements.

3.- Tour-workshop through the exhibition Moving Image Contours: Points for a Surrounding Movement. Clue based exhibition tours. Tests that engage with the pieces in the exhibition will be made at various points.

4- Workshop on Postcard-images. After walking around and researching about the building, participants will create their own images that will serve to tell other people about experiences lived atTabakalera.


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