Hiria Hackeatu - Mobile screen printing workshop - Garikoitz C. Murua | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Mobile screen printing workshop

Mobile screen printing workshop


The proposal for this summer's Hiria Hackeatu [Hack the City] is to set up a mobile screen printing workshop that we have called "Urban Questioner". This mobile workshop will help us to share opinions on situations that we experience in everyday life in public spaces, creating nomadic murals of public opinion.

Through strategies of image, artistic expression and urban intervention, we will work on aspects of social advertising and create other means of communication. With the help of the citizens, we will carry out a reflection on the uses that we make of public spaces and our attitudes towards them.

During the week we will create the mobile screen printing workshop, we will take it out into the street and there we will print the designs that we have made previously. We will find out about the technique of screen printing and we will create a manual copier.


Garikoitz C. Murua

Artistic manager at GKo