Montera34 | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


Montera 34

Montera34 is a collective comprised of Alfonso S. Uzábal and Pablo Rey Mazón that carries out web development, data visualisation, and digital art projects. Recently they have created BlacktodeFuture, a Twitter bot that publishes 'deferred' recordings of Caja Madrid-Bankia black card expenses, and just launched an association to share digital space. They love working with maps, although not exclusively, as a way of interpreting information. 

Alfonso S. Uzábal researches the application of the open source philosophy in different areas and contexts: architecture, cities, education, and work structures. He develops tools and projects to increase his users' level of technological and digital autonomy.

Pablo Rey Mazón collaborates with various research and experimental collectives such as Basurama, Wikitoki, Publiclab, and Meipi. His work revolves around making information more accessible. Currently, he is developing visualisations on corruption and the media in Spain, such as the color of corruption. In 2016, together with other wikitokers, he launched the data culture community Bilbao Data Lab.