Mugak / Fronteras - Taxio Ardanaz's intervention - Taxio Ardanaz | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Taxio Ardanaz's intervention

Mugak / Fronteras Taxio Ardanaz

For his intervention within the Mugak/Fronteras project, Taxio Ardanaz explores the notion of conflict to think about the ways in which borders have been created and organised throughout history. Through drawing and action he creates a kind of corpo-politics of space that returns us to the material reality of the border and brings us closer to the possibilities of this threshold of space, considered as an interstice and bridge.

At the same time, he proposes a journey in which he approaches the documentation of several practices located on the margins of the artistic to question the relationships between aesthetics, action or the political, from positions that transcend the usual dualism.





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19-07-2017 - 19:00

Within the framework of the Mugak/...


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