Kamaleoiak gara! - Nature and its tremor - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Nature and its tremor

Walk through the city for children

Natura eta dardara kamaleoiak gara

“Nature and its tremor” is a sound-themed walk through the city aimed at children. A game is proposed to them to perceive reality through observation and what they hear through a set of headphones. A route that will invite us to sharpen our senses to discover the tremor that beats below appearances.

A proposal to walk through the park and an invitation to listen, look and philosophise.

Duration: 1 hour


Artistic data:

Idea and direction: Idoia Zabaleta, Sofía Asencio and Tomàs Aragay

Voice: Virginia Imaz

Basque translation: Jose Luis Padrón

Production: Imma Bovés

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