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Nihon kaiho sensen: Sanrizuka (Winter in Sanrizuka)

Presented by Ricardo Matos Cabo

Nihon kaiho sensen: Sanrizuka

Nihon kaiho sensen: Sanrizuka (Winter in Sanrizuka), Ogawa Shinsuke, Japan, 1970, 141 min 16 mm

“Young people talk about the spirit of the pioneers, they scrape the earth, they dig tunnels, all the time searching in the ground for tangible proof of their existence.”

Ogawa Shinsuke’s epic telling of the threat that bears down over a community after four years of conflict is a cutting and profound declaration of this fight—and one which pays tribute to civilians The earthly force of his cinema is again present in this second and lesser-known film from the Sanrizuka series. Filmed in colour, the work paints a good and dignified picture of the people involved, their rejection of authority and their bond with the earth.


Presentation: Ricardo Matos Cabo, cinema programmer

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