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Open Groups


  • Year: 2020

The need to be based on a common concern has been the catalyst for the dynamics that occur in a citizen laboratory. Without haste, without a specific goal, just the wish to contrast and share ideas, practices and knowledge.

The dynamics have been articulated in an informal way and, gradually, Open Groups have emerged organically. There is no pattern. Sometimes they are born from a workshop, sometimes from an encounter, sometimes they come close due to an idea, sometimes they are the evolution of a Plaza project. At Medialab Open Groups make sense if its practice is consistent with the philosophy of the laboratory. But open groups also disappear or mutate, they are not perpetual, people conclude that phase of research that perhaps, over time, other people will resume.

The groups that are currently working are all articulated from the user community of the laboratory and their variety is amazing: some seek to learn around 3D printing, another one investigates around the creation of video games, there is a third one which wants to experiment around the possibilities of technology in textile creation…

Open Groups: A good reason to get to Medialab.


01-01-2015 > 31-12-2015

The aim of this project is to make a three-dimensional display out of a 8x8x8 LED cube to create some simple games in three dimension version. To do so Raspberry Pi open hardware will be used, as well as python for programming.


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