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Open Studios

Artists in residence open studios

The Artist’s space lends support to the work processes of artists and cultural agents. The residencies programme associated to this space has the aim to favour the mobility of artists by means of lending support to artistic production and research. Tabakalera therefore issues calls in which it endeavours to favour, in addition to the development of projects, networks between international professionals and local agents, by means of different residency formats.

During 2016, in the framework of the international residencies programme, a total of 25 residents have participated in the endeavour, 9 of whom are local, 6 national and 11 international. Thanks to the space lending programme, a total of 26 artists and agents have come to Tabakalera, 16 of whom are from the Basque Country, 2 from other parts of Spain and 9 from other countries.

Nadia Barkate and Ignacio García, and Sandra Cuesta and Maite Vélaz had the opportunity to enjoy the residency in which a local artist invites a non-local to develop a project in collaboration. Harley Martínez and Kristina Solomoukha with Paolo Codeluppi came from Barcelona and Paris, respectively, to develop their projects; Kimia Kavari, Tamara García, Antonio Macarro, Ainize Sarasola and Elba Martínez, all artists in the local context, made use of the space to develop their personal projects; Pablo La Parra accompanied us throughout the year with his artistic investigation, in the framework of a residency launched in collaboration with DSS2016. There were also several curatorial residencies: Juan Canela is working on his curatorial project to culminate with an exhibition next year in Tabakalera, and the Japanese curator Maki Nishida is a participant in the exchange with Arts Initiative Tokyo (with the collaboration of EU Japan Fest, the Etxepare Basque Institute and AC/E). There was also another exchange with the Delme Synagogue Centre d’Art, location of a sojourn by Xare Álvarez and Karlos Martínez; and Tabakalera in turn received the French artist Anne-Charlotte Finel.

After the first year up and running at the artists space, we want to invite all residents who have spent time there to present the results of their sojourn, or the stage they are currently at. Furthermore, we also invite all those interested in directly getting to know the artists, curators and researchers, and their studies; they themselves will talk about their work, projects and processes, revealing their experiences.

Not everyone will make it here in person, but their spirit will accompany us.  


Open Studios: Kimia Kamvari, Kristina Solomoukha & Paolo Codeluppi, Sandra Cuesta & Maite Vélaz, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Elba Martínez, Ainize Sarasola, Tamara García Iglesias


11:30 Karlos Martínez & Xare Alvarez

11:45 Antonio Macarro

12:00 Nadia Barkate & Ignacio García

12:15 Kristina Solomoukha & Paolo Codeluppi

12:30 Harley Martínez

12:45 Pablo La Parra

13:00 Maki Nishida

13:15 Juan Canela


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