- orain diseinugileak! professionals for new challenges - Ana Malagón, Eneko Muruzabal, Iñaki Remiro, Leire Francés, Itsaso González, Amaia Martínez, Olaia Irulegi | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

orain diseinugileak! professionals for new challenges




In view of the exhibition titled orain diseinua! euskadi eta industria produced by Tabakalera and curated by Guilermo Zuaznabar as part of the MUGAK International Architecture Biennial of the Basque Country, we are considering the benefit of organising activities which complement the exhibition and enrich it with other perspectives and other design aspects. Bearing in mind that the exhibition takes a historical tour through Basque design by looking at trailblazing companies – many of which are leaders in their sector – rather than looking at the designers or the products themselves, we feel that we should exploit the opportunity to raise awareness of these professionals and their work.
Nowadays, we still have to explain what a designer is, as well as their role in creating a new product or service and in the success of a company. Furthermore, it is always worth reflecting on, and debating, the challenges facing companies and society and how we can respond to these using design.

The conference titled orain diseinugileak! professionals for new challenges organised by Tabakalera and EIDE Association of Designers of Euskadi takes a round table format which brings together and compiles views and contributions from a range of stakeholders involved in what we call the “Basque design ecosystem”, including professionals, companies, training centres, institutions, public bodies and others. 

The objective is to compare different views on some prevailing contemporary questions: 


  • The suitability of the professional designer profile in relation to the present and future challenges facing our economic sectors, the coherence between advanced training and market demand, the level of knowledge and alignment between supply and demand, talent retention, etc.

  • Challenges and design responses, the real impact of design on economic and cultural development in cities, society and organisations, new action areas for design, design in innovation strategies in all types of organisations, design in government and public policies, etc.


Ana Malagón

Digital Products and Services Designer, LA PERSONNALITÉ

Eneko Muruzabal

Service Designer, PROSUMERLAB

Iñaki Remiro

Global Director of Design and Product Development, BELLOTA

Leire Francés

Industrial Engineer holding a Master of Industrial Design, TECNUN

Itsaso González

Coordinator, DBZ-MU

Amaia Martínez

 Strategic Initiatives - SPRI Group

Olaia Irulegi

Director of DIARADESIGN and Member of the Board of EIDE

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orain diseinua! euskadi eta industria...


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