12-01-2018 14:52

Here's to a cultural 2018. Stay tuned!

We started 2018 with the same momentum as 2017, a year in which Tabakalera evolved across its three dimensions and, following the year of capital status, continued to attract the interest of visitors who came in greater numbers: an average of 20,000 visits per week, thanks to all of you.

New partners have been incorporated into the ecosystem: Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, the hotel One Shot and bookstore. Tobacco Days. The public square has been transformed with the premiere of the works by Jerónimo Hagerman (Malas Madres) and Miren Doiz (7 formas y una cucharilla) and we have also started programmes like Harrotu Ileak that establish new forms of relationship with young people who come to Tabakalera.

Regarding cultural projects, 2017 has been a year of strengthening public and programme lines, as well as positioning in networks. Both Ubik and the mediation project have been referenced in specialized forums in Latin America, Chile and Colombia in relation to their methodological approaches in the library and pedagogical sectors in the art world; the digital magazine Artnet has mentioned Tabakalera as one of the most attractive residential programmes in Europe; the alliances forged on the basis of the audio-visual programme with Zinemaldia and Filmoteca Vasca have led to the foundations for the creation of the Council cinema school in Tabakalera; at Hirikilabs, we have published the first decalogue of its kind on the implementation of the technological field in schools; through the exhibitions programme, we have worked with prestigious centres such as Witte de With Rotterdam and Fundación Miró in Barcelona, and we have collaborated with the Pompidou Centre  in Paris.

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  • Hor Iron Marginalia

    Autumn stories

    This autumn we have two stories for you. Or rather, they are told by Juan Canela and Adriá Juliá. The former tells us stories about magic, rituals and nature. The latter tells us about cultural exchange and its legacies. Even today, peasants in...

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  • Spell Reel, Filipa Cesar - Zabaltegi Tabakalera PLUS

    Zabaltegi-Tabakalera + PLUS

    Zabaltegi-Tabakalera is the most open competitive section of the San Sebastian Film Festival. Here there are no norms or time and style limitations: shorts, medium features, full-length films, fiction, documentary, animation, series, installations,...

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  • ud-ha 2017

    It was amazing. Ud-ha 2017

    Songs and dances, jumps and impressive balance exercises, laughter, colorful banners, sun loungers, tinkling lights, dolls, beers and applause ... Thank you all for making it possible. This has been our summer. Ud-ha!    

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  • let's roll

    Let's roll

    "There is something magical and liberating about the idea of ​​“the wealth of potentiality” inherent to movement. In movement nothing is concrete, everything mutates and seems to be in the air; the materialization of reality only comes about when we...

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  • Le Concours. Claire Simon

    In the Realm of Desire

    Today’s presentation is, in terms of the future, the most exciting and ground-breaking since we first wrote two years ago that the Tabakalera movie theatre was opening. Today we are writing about another moment of initiation, directly linked with the...

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