Stimulants: circulation and euphoria - Out of sync (Louder, faster, stronger). 2. Act - Xabier Erkizia | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Out of sync (Louder, faster, stronger). 2. Act

Out of sync
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In the language of the music, tempo is the name given to the speed set for a particular piece of music. The rhythm is the pattern; the tempo, by contrast, is the speed, the liveliness. Although most music can be classified according to the speed of the beats generated,

in an age in which time and music are classified for us through digital algorithms, speed has become a very important factor in our musical perception. It reveals the objective, the function.

In the second act of the Out of Sync programme, we will have the chance to immerse ourselves in the relationships and paradoxes between music and speed, tempo and time.