UD-HA! Terrazan - PALMERA FUEGO AMOR CRAZY - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián



Magic is not supernatural, it lies in the possibility for poetic potential of human acts.


The word never explains what appears. The brilliance of the sound, the intermediary points, the circle without a circumference, the route, the search for the background that has no name and is pure light. Along the way, there will be light and there will be darkness, but above all, there will definitely be risk. Appearing in the circle to exhibit myself. I will switch on the power, with the room empty, as all the sounds ring out. I will turn on each device, and the electricity will fill them with energy, with infinite possibility. Electromagnetic fields where anything could happen. All the combinations, floods and fire. I will start from some place marked on the map, a place to which I arrived before, as I travelled the paths, a place in which I knew I could not rest, in which I found a certain harmony, but which I left unhesitatingly, to be able to walk for a while more. I will abandon that place before my security finds me, before the fear of not being able to breathe again stops me from lifting my hands from the keys. The idea is to alter the means and forms of thought, not to satisfy the expressive desire.

"The goal of the musician will be to weaken the cognisant human capacity involved in the need for attachment, to strengthen the vital. This will make it possible, as Zen Buddhism teaches, for the experience to pass through the wall that is the ego." (Pardo, Carmen, La escucha oblicua. Una invitación a John Cage, p.41)

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