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Par desmit minutem vecaks + Zéro de conduite

Two films by Herz Frank and Jean Vigo

Zero de conduite

Two films by Herz FrankPar desmit minutem vecaks, and Jean VigoZéro de conduite.


  • Joy, fear, happiness, horror,... a child's face during ten minutes while he observes a performance that is happening off the frame.   

    Par desmit minutem vecaks, (Ten Minutes Older)

    Herz Frank, Letonia, 1978, 10'
  • A really strict school. Discipline, rigour, schedule and punishements. As a result: students rebellion. Barricades and pillows in the air. 

    Zéro de conduite (Cero en conducta)

    Jean Vigo, France, 1933, , French. VOS eu, DCP
  • Date: Sunday, 18 October 2015
  • Schedule: 18:00
  • Location: Zinema - 1 Aretoa
  • Access: Ticket
  • Price: 3,5€ (UNDERAGEDS 2X1)
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