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Par desmit minutem vecaks + Zéro de conduite

Two films by Herz Frank and Jean Vigo

Zero de conduite

Two films by Herz FrankPar desmit minutem vecaks, and Jean VigoZéro de conduite.


Par desmit minutem vecaks, (Ten Minutes Older)

Herz Frank, Letonia, , 1978 10'

Joy, fear, happiness, horror,... a child's face during ten minutes while he observes a performance that is happening off the frame.   

Zéro de conduite (Cero en conducta)

Jean Vigo, France, , 1933 , French. VOS eu, DCP

A really strict school. Discipline, rigour, schedule and punishements. As a result: students rebellion. Barricades and pillows in the air. 

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