Kamaleoiak gara! - Max txikia - Arena en los bolsillos | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Max txikia

Theatre with puppets and other objects

Pequeña Max

Max lives alone, a recluse from the world, seeking happiness far from the critical look of others. The thing is, though, Max is “different”; she was born with a fin-foot. She built her own world, half-real, half made up, and made it her place of refuge. The arrival of an intruder in that small, fragile world of hers makes her understand that she never really wanted to be alone.

Disgorging from her system all that she learnt, she became light enough to dance to her own sound, unique and perfect. And, from that point onwards, open her arms to the world. If you ever come across someone like Max one day, smile at her and look her in the heart; who knows what challenges she’s probably having to deal with. 



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Arena en los bolsillos

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