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Pitching for audiovisual creators

Masterclass with Marian Sánchez Carniglia

We find increasingly more competition in the current situation of the national and international market when seeking to convey and sell our projects. Having good ideas is not enough, we need to know how to communicate these ideas properly and sell them with enthusiasm, effectiveness, intelligence and strategy, to be able to balance in our presentation the passion we feel for our project with the logic of the market we need to access.

For many years now, pitching has become an essential tool worldwide to make ourselves more memorable, remembered and competitive not only in our presentations, but also in the first reissue and in the subsequent management, so that we can take a project from the idea stage to a format, then to production and finally to an exportable cultural product/content.

Starting by learning how to optimise a presentation, participants will receive tools to make their pitch impressive. The workshop is aimed at directors, scriptwriters, authors, communicators, audiovisual and cultural managers and at professionals from all fields of the audiovisual medium, art, communication, publicity, marketing and promotion who need to improve or reinforce the way they present projects and thus obtain financing for their screenplays, television or big screen projects or content.


Marian Sánchez Carniglia is a storyteller, audiovisual producer and international Pitching & Storytelling and Audiovisual Management coach. Winner of a Fulbright scholarship in 1998. Educated in Los Angeles with the great masters of pitching such as Michael Hauge, Ken Rotcop, Linda Seger, Robert McKee, Peter Guber and Chris Abbott. There she had the chance to work at studios such as FOX, Warner Bros, Sony and Universal under the orders of Ron Howard, Cameron Crowe, Bryan Singer, the Coen brothers and James Cameron, among others. In 2003 she decides that her life and profession should be developed in her countries of origin, Argentina and Spain, where she applies what she learned in the USA to the Latin American and European markets. For five years she led the development and management of projects at Resonant Argentina and Resonant Colombia, carrying out projects in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, France, Holland and eastern Europe. In March 2014 she returned to her teaching activity and created her own tripartite pitching method. She started the year 2019 in Europe, teaching the Cinema and TV Master's course at the Carlos III University in Madrid. At the same time she is writing her first storytelling book for Successful Career Management called TRAINING FOR AURIGAS with the aim of proposing, through storytelling, the creation of  audioviosual content with a clear purpose and a career management method, sharing first-hand experiences of her time in Hollywood. It will be the first storytelling book in the region.