All of Us Want to Work Less / El Helicóptero / Diario de Sueños


El helicóptero Dora García

Among the activities scheduled around the exhibition Moving Image Contours: Points for a Surrounding Movement, and, as a climax, we will have the opportunity to attend the première of the audiovisual pieces by Dora García and Itziar Barrio, as well as a performance by Itziar Okariz, all of them participants at the exhibition organised by Anna Manubens and Soledad Gutiérrez.

El Helicoptero (The Helicopter) by Dora García, All of Us Want to Work Less by Itziar Barrio and Diario de Sueños (Dream Diary) by Itziar Okariz are newly produced works which were developed at Tabakalera. This presentation will be attended by the three artists and the curators of the exhibition


Dora García


Itziar Barrio


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