- Presentation of the residents' works - Ignacio García Sánchez, Pauline Doutreluingne | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Presentation of the residents' works

Nadia Barkate Ignacio García Sánchez

As part of the Tabakalera international residency programme, the artist Ignacio García Sánchez and the curator Pauline Doutreluingne will present their works and will talk on the projects they will develop during the residency at Tabakalera.


December 4. 18:00 - Workshop Hall

Pauline Doutreluingne. Agency of Living Organisms


December 15. 19:00 - Workshop Hall

Ignacio García Sánchez. Interference under "a star called Sun". A project by Nadia Barkate and Ignacio García Sánchez

  • Date: Friday, 4 December 2015 > Tuesday, 15 December 2015
  • Location: Artist's Space
  • Access: Free entry


Pauline Doutreluingne

Independent curator and visual researcher.