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Schools and associations

Ikastetxeak eta elkarteak

In order to enable a lasting relationship between Tabakalera and the educational community, we offer different programmes to meet the different needs and time constraints. We believe that each group, stakeholder or collective is part of a very diverse educational ecosystem and our emphasis is therefore on working flexibly.

Thus, during the 2017/18 academic year, we will focus on contemporary art from different formats and methodologies that each school, group, association, etc., can choose according to their specific needs.

We address questions to do with crossovers between artistic practice and learning process by means of multiple methodologies and formats. Our work moves from the old tobacco factory to the classroom in order to generate interferences from the educational sphere to the cultural centre and vice versa. We delve further into contemporary creation by means of interventions in the public space, workshops, film sessions, experimental activities and exhibition walks.