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  • UD-Ha! Azotea Tabakalera


    2016 > 2018
    Ud-ha! is how we named the the special programme that will take place in the Attic during summer environment. Ud-ha! is a cry for the summer, a call to conquer the skies and terraces and an invitation to play and expression. Any excuse is good to be outdoors.

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  • Stimulants: circulation and euphoria

    Stimulants: circulation and euphoria

    2016 > 2017
    This bienal programme aims to break down and analyse the complex reality of our globalised world through a project focusing on “modern stimulants”, by including talks, public debates, seminars, exhibitions, concerts and publications.

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  • city and other policies

    City and other policies

    2013 > 2016
    City and Other Policies was launched in 2013, when the walls of the Tabakalera building were still being demolished and rebuilt. The project was intended to serve as a constant questioning of the policies running through the actions and strategies of government and control over the public, stressing the political dimension and competence of both the city and the territory.

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  • Ikusmira Berriak

    Ikusmira Berriak

    2015 > 2018
    Ikusmira Berriak is a programme of support to audiovisual projects committed to innovation and experimentation in areas of both cinematic language and means of production. The programme is articulated around three axes: training, production and exhibition.

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  • lapublika artistic reseacrh laboratory


    2014 > 2016
    LaPublika is an artistic research laboratory and a programme of activities that focus on how artistic practices construct the public sphere and how the public sphere affects art.

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  • Architectus omnibus?

    Architectus Omnibus?

    The project is based on a decalogue of ten concepts designed by the architect Andrés Jaque and the ten projects selected show various proposals from Spanish and German architects, pursuing the sustainable awareness of architecture through new attitudes and ways of understanding the profession.

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