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Provas, Exorcismos + Tempo Comum

Presented by Susana Nobre

Provas, Exorcismos  + Tempo Comum


Provas, Exorcismos, Susana Nobre, Portugal, 2015, 25'

A train passes through the town of Alhandra, between the hills and the river. Óscar, who has spent twenty-five of his forty-eight years working at the same factory, is waiting to hear the court’s verdict on his employer’s insolvency claim. With production at a standstill and salaries overdue, Óscar and his co-workers continue to show up everyday for work, hoping to keep their jobs. But when the closing of the factory is confirmed, Óscar makes peace with the world again when he’s hired by the factory next door.


Tempo Comum, Susana Nobre, Portugal, 2018, 64'

In an apartment in Lisbon, Marta takes care of her newborn daughter while convalescing from childbirth. In these first days they receive visits from family and friends. As they get involved in the intimacy of her home they start narrating stories about marriage, childbirth, first jobs, expectations and plans for the future. In several sequences we see in Ordinary Time the unfolding of life cycle through several voices - creating fragments that mingle with the moment that Marta is living. Alongside, conjugal life and the home routines that set in will be the barometer of Marta’s inner evolution.

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