- Raisa Álava and Alazne Zubizarreta: Goxokizzz - Alazne Zubizarreta, Raisa Álava | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Raisa Álava and Alazne Zubizarreta: Goxokizzz


Raisa Álava and Alazne Zubizarreta present Goxokizzz  in response to the invitation to take part in #TabakaleraEtxean digital programme.

The composition of images with a calendar character is presented as a game to face the different handicaps that loneliness (laziness, lack of motivation, creative blocks) derived from this time of confinement can bring. The project will start on May 20 and an image will be released every day until the summer solstice, so its development will be exposed throughout  a month. In this way, it is intended to impose a new rhythm on the consumption of images and in the same way it serves as an excuse to visit the web regularly.