Tabakalera Taulara - Saturar la erótica - Isaak Erdoiza | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Saturar la erótica

One proposal of Isaak Erdoiza

Isaak erdoiza

Photo credit: Anartz Ormaza

 In the base of eroticism we have the experience of a snap, 

of a violence in the moment of the explosion.

Georges Bataille


Saturar la erótica is a choreographic project in which I present a body in a constant quest for its erotic forms, a body that questions its own patterns of movement in an attempt to transcend the formal borders within which it has been built.

Saturar la erótica is an act of resistance. As my starting point, I take a story that wavers across the border between autobiography and fiction, generating questions that I use as a mechanism for de-activating a state of immobility that has gradually installed itself with the passing of time.