Opening Programme - September 11 - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

September 11

18:00 Concert: Pottors ta Klito. Nestor Basterretxe entree.
18:30 Public opening with the cultural director of the project, Ane Rodríguez Armendariz, with artists and invited curators.Nestor Basterretxe entree.
19:00 Doors open: Open of the spaces of Tabakalera
19:00 Opening of the exhibition. Moving Image Contours: Points for a Surrounding Movement. with the curators Anna Manubens and Soledad Gutiérrez. Exhibition hall
19:00 – 21:30 AUGURIUM. Tour through performances around the building.
-Recorrido Puro. (quitar traducción)Artists: Orquestina de pigmeos (Nilo Gallego & Chus Domínguez).
-Recorrido de liar (“Rolling tobacco tour”). Artists: Grupo Albornoces blancos: Idoia Zabaleta in collaboration with Loida Gómez, Angela Milano, Idurre Azkue, Xabi Manubens and Natxo Montero

. Performances in different areas of the building.
-Danse poussiéreuse pour un piano déserté. Artist: Anais Tuerlinckx. (Principal stairs, 1st floor).
-Launch. Artists: Rosa Casado & Mike Brooks. (Hall of the floors 0, 1, 2, 3).
-Salón de cuidados mutuos (“Mutual care room”). Artists: Las raras. (Z Hall).
-Cinema transcendental (“Transcendental cinema”). Artist: Lyncoln Diniz. (Plató)

21:00 Party. Start of the inauguration party. Chico Trópico, AMY PLIN. Djs and visuals. (Plaza and Rooftop)

  • Date: Friday, 11 September 2015
  • Schedule: 18:00 - 24:00
September 11: