Smoke politics - Aby Warburg's Serpent Ritual - Gema Intxausti | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Serpent Ritual

Aby Warburg by Gema Intxausti

Kearen politikak gema intxausti

Routes of the spread of tobacco over the earth after its descovery by Columbus 


Smoke Politics is a programme of monthly presentations by artists, anthropologists, writers and art historians. Smoke Politics is also an exercise in  invocation and possession, with the voices of philosophers, poets, politicians and chemists occupying the bodies of these guest speakers throughout the year.

On this occasion Gema Intxausti (one of the five artists who is part the collective exhibition Arenzana Imaz Intxausti Montón Peral which will be on show at Tabakalera until April 3) will play the part of art historian Aby Warburg (Germany). Aby Warburg is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the history of art and considered to be the father of the modern iconology. 

The Serpent Ritual is the title of the lecture that he gave in April 1923, at the end of his stay at the Kreuzlingen clinic, which he entered as a result of his recurring nervous breakdowns. This research is the starting point for a reflection on the power of images and symbols, which joined the perspectives and readings on the history of art and anthropology for the first time. 


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