JoLabs - The Sign of Film - Ángel Bueno Pineda, Unai Ruiz Ameztoy | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

The Sign of Film

Workshop for families

workshop for families - the sign of films

The Sign of Film is a workshop for families, a journey to the practice of film where during five sessions, girls, boys and families will become cinematographic magicians. Taking as a starting point The Panther’s Dance by Véronique Tadjo, participants will make an experimental collective film.

In order to make the film, we’ll divide the space into different sets for creating images, where we’ll put into practice different filmmaking techniques such as rotoscoping, pixellation and stop motion. The final product will be an animated audiovisual work created by assembling the pieces by each group.

The last session will be an open session where participants will invite their relatives and friends to actively participate in the audiovisual work they have created. Thanks to these live manipulations, that day a unique version of the film can be seen.


Ángel Bueno Pineda

A 3D and motion graphics artist, he is also a software programmer.