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Social networks, social streets

Virtual space as a public space

Hiria Hackeatu: Hacking publicity and counter-publicity

Hiria Hackeatu: Hacking publicity and counter-publicity

Internet and the social networks have become public spaces. In these virtual spaces we create affective relationships, we define our identities, and we reveal who we really are. Social networks reflect the image we want to project, and in them we present our opinions and let our friends know about our lives. These days, a large part of our life is virtual and we create parallel lives in that other world.

But what about everything that we publish in the social media? Who sees it? What is the image that we present to the world outside? What are we using the Internet for?

In this workshop within the framework of the Hiria Hackeatu project we will see how we, both young and old, use social networks, and also how we use them in the public spaces in the city. We will talk about the dangers of publishing things about our lives in the social media, about what is hidden behind the Internet, and we will look critically at the digital world that we carry around in our pockets. And we will do it in a practical way, using the tools of theatre and performance and proposing interventions that will make us reflect on these issues.

  • Date: Tuesday, 3 April 2018 > Friday, 6 April 2018
  • Schedule: 10:00-14:00
  • Location: Hirikilabs. Digital Culture & Technology Laboratory
  • Language: ES
  • Access: Registration
  • Price: Free
  • For whom: 12-17 years


Inés Bebea

Inés Bebea

Telecommunications engineer, actress and educator

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