- SummerLab'16 - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


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SummerLab 2016 is a summer camp, a seasonal cooperative workshop which tries to bring together people with different motivations and fields of action, such as makers, activists, researchers, creators and citizens in general around themes related to technology, culture (digital), self-manufacture and learning.

The gathering is being organised by Hirikilabs to create intersections between its own activity and that of similar cultural spaces and the environment in which they operate. 

SummerLab 2016 is also a way of taking up the baton from the Summer Of Labs in 2012 organised by Tabakalera laboratories in collaboration with the Atlantic Arc network, making use of this conference to present Hirikilabs in the new Tabakalera framework in the national and international community of doers, makers, hackers, labs, media labs, activists, groups and various agents.

SummerLab 2016 will operate in two directions or dynamics in parallel. On the one hand, the camp will aim to create a space to share experiences from doing/making, practical experience and the technology itself. This "place" will be organised in a similar way to a hackmeeting, bringing together various experiences from tinkering, digital manufacturing, design, programming and data activism. It will be the hardware part of the conference, so to speak.

On the other hand, we propose a series of themes, activities and our own titles aimed at generating a dynamic of open reflection. A meeting space that will include various experiences and identities with the sole purpose of sharing, building complicity and remixes on the way in which spaces and initiatives operate as a public laboratory or other cultural phenomena (spaces for co-working, networks, cultural spaces). Therefore, it will be time devoted to the soft, the human side of technology and organisational experiences.