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Tabakalera Card

Getting a Card


Getting a Tabakalera card is simple, fast and easy. And, most importantly, it offers you advantages for various services. In addition, it is the key that allows you to access all services of the Ubik creation library.

To get a card, follow these simple steps:


  1. Register on the Tabakalera website.

  2. Come to the ​​Ubik reception area. Do not forget to bring your ID card, passport or residency card. There, we will verify that the details are correct, take a photo which will identify you on the card and print it. Remember that if you are under 18, you will need a parental or guardian consent.

  3. That's all! Now you can start using it.


First step > Register




  • Borrow content and documents from Ubik (books, magazines...) for use during a period of one month.*

  • Use Ubik spaces: Greenhouses, the Ubik deck, the experimental cinema viewing room, video game stations, three technology corner stations and editing stations.

  • Borrow audiovisual resources from Ubik (camcorders, cameras, sound recorders, laptops ...) to use over a period of up to 5 days.**

  • Use musical instruments in the sound corner: drums, a trumpet, a trombone, a bass and a guitar, to play them in the library.

  • Acquire the Cinema  Pass.

  • Get a 10% discount at the Tabakalera movie theater for screenings organized by Donostia Kultura, Basque Film Library, EQZE and Tabakalera.

  • In addition, although you do not yet have your card, you can reserve spaces, content resources and instruments just by registering on the website.


* Check specific loan periods by following this link: Borrowing.

** The period varies depending on the device. 



With the Tabakalera Cinema Pass you can go and see all the films programmed by Donostia Kultura, the Basque Film Library, EQZE and Tabakalera in the Tabakalera cinemas at a reduced price. The pass costs 70€ and gives you entry to 30 films. The passes are valid for the full year of cinema programming, from October to September (Film Festival not included).
How to get the Cinema Pass:

  • The pass is linked with the Tabakalera card. You need to have this in order to add the pass to it. You can get the card from Ubik on the 2nd floor of Tabakalera. 

  • With your Tabakalera card, you can buy the Cinema Pass at the Information Point.  

  • People with a DK card or student card from the UPV/EHU have a 10% reduction on the cost of the pass.


How to use the pass:

  • You have to pick up the ticket beforehand for the session you want to attend. To do this you must present the Tabakalera card, that you have previously loaded with the Cinema Pass, at the Information Point or half an hour before the session at the Box Office. 

  • At the Information Point you can buy tickets for any session but at the Box Office you can only buy the ticket for the current session.

  • You cannot buy tickets using the Cinema Pass discount on our website.

  • Double sessions or sessions with concerts can be purchased with the pass and will be counted as 2 tickets.

  • To know the balance of films on your pass, contact the information point of Tabakalera (943 118855 or


Terms and conditions: 

  • You can buy more than one pass per Tabakalera Card.

  • You can get more than one ticket per session, until you spend the quota of 30 tickets.

  • The purchase of the pass does not imply the reservation of a seat.

  • If you lose the card, you will recover the remaining passes when the card is replaced. 

  • Tickets already printed and lost cannot be replaced.

  • Once used, the pass cannot be returned.




The Tabakalera card is personal and not transferable. In the event of loss, reprinting will cost € 5. In case of theft, reprinting will be free of charge, upon the presentation of a corresponding police report.

If you lose or have had your card stolen, call +34 943 475 050 or email us at de-register your card, making you exempt for any liability from the use that third parties may make your card. 


Under 18s

If you are under 18, you can also have a Tabakalera card.


  • If you are between 12 and 18: You need to download and print this parental or guardian's consent ( and bring it accompanied by a photocopy of his/her ID card, passport or residency card.

  • If you are under 12: The only thing you have to bear in mind is that, when you go to Ubik to get your card, you have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who needs to show their ID card, passport or residency card.


As a minor, you have the same rights for using, reserving and borrowing library content and services, bearing in mind that the responsibility for doing so rests with the parent or guardian. Thus, if you borrow a laptop or video game or use the drums, your parent or guardian is responsible for you returning it in perfect condition.