Tabakalera launches its international open call for residencies for artists and cultural agents for 2019 | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
17-04-2018 12:00

Tabakalera launches its international open call for residencies for artists and cultural agents for 2019

Until May 27, artists may register to participate in the residency programme that the Tabakalera Artist's Space undertakes in its efforts to support artists and cultural agents.

Tabakalera has opened the call to participate in its Fourth Annual International Residency Programme, which will accommodate projects for 2019.  Through this programme, Tabakalera aims to offer production guidance and support to artists, creators and cultural agents for them to undertake their artistic projects.

In this call, for which the period for submitting applications will remain open until May 27, a total of six artistic ideas will be selected. The authors of those ideas will undertake stays of between four and twelve weeks, between the months of February and June and/or between the months of September and December, 2019. All residencies will offer the space, the context and the time necessary to undertake the selected projects.

The four residency modalities are: artistic projects, collaborative artistic projects, artistic research and audio-visual projects. Those who reside in the Basque Autonomous Community, as well as those from other Autonomous Communities and International residents, may apply – except for in the “collaborative artistic projects” modality, in which an artist who resides in the Basque Autonomous Community invites an artist who resides outside of said Community. The projects selected will be announced July 27.

This programme seeks to generate a space to promote possible collaboration between residents and invited agents. Likewise, with the aim of uniting the subjects dealt with in Tabakalera’s programming, this year in the call for artistic research, the theme around which the selected project should be developed is to be inspired by the programme Ariketak: la segunda respiración, one of Tabakalera's thematic focuses for 2018-2019.


Four artistic residency modalities

The call includes four modalities, each with its own objective, endowment and duration:

This modality aims to support the development of artistic projects in any of their formats, regardless of the artistic discipline. A total of three projects will be selected.

This modality has the goal of providing an artist residing in the Basque Autonomous Community with the opportunity to invite another artist residing outside the Basque Autonomous Community to a residency, with the goal of developing a collaborative artistic project. One proposal will be chosen from among all the projects submitted during the open call.

In this modality, which promotes the undertaking of artistic research projects, the residency will consist of two parts:  on one hand is the research, which will be carried out over the course of a three-month residency and, this year, will focus on the programme “Ariketak: la segunda respiración”, one of Tabakalera's thematic focuses for 2018-2019. On the other hand, the resident will have to propose a programme of activities derived from the research process which will become part of the Centre's public programming. One project will be chosen from among all proposals received.

This open call has the aim of supporting the development of audio-visual projects. One audio-visual project will be selected.

Rules of the open call and for sending artistic proposals

All the detailed information about the documents to be sent, the endowment and the rest of the conditions can be found at the Artist's Space: Open Call Residencies for artists and cultural agents.