Tabakalera's Artist’s Space is opening its doors this Saturday | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
30-11-2017 13:15

Tabakalera's Artist’s Space is opening its doors this Saturday

Several of this year's resident artists will present the projects they have been working on in the 'Open Studios' activity that will take place on 2 December from 11:00 to 14:00 in the Artist’s Space.

In the afternoon after the presentations, from 16:30 to 18:00, various works by the artists themselves will be projected in Theatre 2 of Tabakalera's cinema.

To bid farewell to autumn and this year's last group of residents, Tabakalera will open up the Artist’s Space on 2 December from 11:00 to 14:00 so you can come and see first-hand projects from the artists currently working at Tabakalera.

A total of eight artists will present their projects in the morning: Irati Gorostidi, David Martínez Suárez, Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess, Maite Alonso and Unai Ruiz, Maite Garbayo Maeztu and Itziar Orbegozo.

In addition, in the afternoon from 16:30 to 18:00, Theatre 2 of Tabakalera’s cinema will host the projection several audiovisual works that are the fruit of work done here by several of the resident artists.

Entry is free in both the morning and afternoon.



The full programme for the Artist's Space open day on 2 December is shown below:


Presentations in the Artist’s Space:

11:00 Irati Gorostidi

11:30 David Martínez Suárez

12:00 Sophie Dyer / Solveig Suess

12:30 Maite Alonso / Unai Ruiz

13:00 Maite Garbayo Maeztu

13:30 Itziar Orbegozo

Projections in Theatre 2 of Tabakalera's cinema:

16:30 Itxaso Díaz / Cai Tomos: The body’s stories

17:15 Kristina Solomoukha / Paolo Codeluppi: The Ambassador’s Body


In addition, there will be vermouth and snacks to round off the open day.

Tomorrow, opening of Miren Doiz's intervention

On top of this, before the open studies day, tomorrow 1 December at 19:00, Tabakalera will hold the opening of the intervention 7 shapes and one teaspoon created by Miren Doiz, which is the second of the artistic interventions that will inhabit different spaces within Tabakalera (the first, Malas madres / Lives hanging by a string, was opened on 16 June of this year).

Miren Doiz has drawn on the space itself to create this intervention inside the Tabakalera building, extracting from it the shapes and materials for developing her project.

Her seven chosen shapes have been taken from different architectural elements. Some of them are highly characteristic of the old building, such as the wrought iron entrance or the bannister balls. Others, such as the hexagons that make up the glass roof or a shape taken from the ventilation pipes in the office kitchen, belong to the new space. In this way, Doiz combines shapes from spaces inhabited by the public with shapes from spaces only occupied by the staff.

This intervention is part of the Mugak, the I. International Architecture Biennial in Euskadi, programme.