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Technology spaces for familes

DIY & DIWO four project

Technology for families Hirikilabs

In August, Hirikilabs will be opening its doors to young children. Based on a policy of do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-withothers (DIWO), we’ll be continuing to create spaces for small projects.

Following on from our activities throughout the year, we’ll learn about concepts related to technology, play and put our creativity to work. This will not be a workshop on use. We will create four work areas based on different themes: electronics, electricity, crafts, design… The idea is that we can realise our projects from a few simple explanations alone, in groups or in families. We will develop the self-taught spirit, free-form, as a result of which the end result will be a reflection of our imaginative capacities.

Hack your clothes

Bring an item of clothing (a t-shirt, pyjamas, a skirt,…). Using coloured vinyl, we will do a few drawings and stick them onto the garment using an iron. We will make custom clothing to our taste.

Music box

Do you know those boxes that play music when you open them? We will make one with a biscuit box that you bring from home or a box that we will make at Hirikilabs.

Mechanical puppet

We will create this kit using cardboard gears and shafts. We will see how the transmission of movement is produced, how circular movement changes to linear, how the gearboxes work. Once we have understood this, we will create our own movements and make mechanical puppets.

Toy bending

Bring a toy that makes sounds, including the batteries. We will open it up and see how it works on the inside. Using the toy bending technique, we will change the sounds in place and add sound distortion.