The Red Submarine - For 1-4 year-olds, Time to Learn, Create and Enjoy - Naiara Palacios | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

The Red Submarine

For 1-4 year-olds, Time to Learn, Create and Enjoy

The Red Submarine - Naiara Palacios
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The Red Submarine is an invitation to dive in Ubik as a family. Sessions to develop creativity, discover materials and play with them. Mermaids, octopuses and seahorses will be our traveling companions. A great opportunity for youngsters and adults to experience playing together. Come along!



October 2nd

October 16th

November 6th

November 20th

December 4th

December 18th


* Inscriptions from 30th August on.



January 2nd: Immerse Yourself in Colours and Shapes
The colours and shapes have escaped from their world, creating a little chaos. To bring them back to Ubik, we'll need to work together. We’ll fill the square, the rectangle, the circle and the triangle with shapes and colours.

January 16th: Shhh! Listen to the Songs of the Birds
The red submarine will set sail from the sea to the sky to listen to the songs of the birds. The happy and free birds sing so loudly that their songs are heard from anywhere in the world – and that includes Ubik. We're going to shape those sounds and to fill our space with colour.


February 6th: Big Foot, Little Foot: Comparing Tracks
A group of animals has passed through Ubik. Together, we must find their tracks and compare them with our own. Where could they be? What are the animals like? What colour are they? Do you dare make animal tracks?

February 20th: Follow the Winding Road
A few small obstacles have gotten into the path of the red submarine. We'll take steps with different textures and face this winding journey together. Take off your shoes and discover new sensations!


March 6th: Creating Abstract Prints
Taking the printed outline that our body leaves as a starting point, we’ll create an abstract composition together.  Lie on the floor, paint and wait for the magic to begin!


March 20th: Welcome, Spring!
Spring has arrived at Ubik and the captains of the red submarine are aware of that. By means of cooperative work, we'll create a spring forest. These are times of new colours.


April 3rd: Listen to the Sea

The red submarine needs a sea to move in. We join hands to build a big blue sea full of waves and open our ears to listen to all of its sounds. Join this marine journey!


April 17th: It's Raining

The day is grey and it’s pouring rain but in the red submarine we’re going to give it colour. We open our magical umbrellas to light up everything around us.


May 15th: Shared Work

Together we’ll build our own neighbourhood. With cardboard boxes and some imagination we’ll create a colourful space to live in, flying the flag of joy.


June 5th: Building the Red Submarine

We're going to give our red submarine colour and shape by making a collective and collaborative mural. We’ll visit all the corners of Ubik with the work done. Will you join us?


June 19th: The Body's Movements

Exploring the body's movements we’ll create a work of art based on the union of two bodies and the silhouette that is created by them.


Note: there will be no The Red Submarine session in May 1st.