- THINK COMMONS #10: Mariluz Congosto - Mariluz Congosto | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

THINK COMMONS #10: Mariluz Congosto

Bots, astroturfers and other monsters that lurk in the electoral Twittersphere


In this tenth edition of Think Commons (linked to the Data Commons Lab) we will talk to Mariluz Congosto, a researcher and analyst who specialises in the phenomena linked to bots, astroturfing and false social media accounts.

Astroturfing refers to the camouflaging of online messages such that they purport to be spontaneous or authentic, when in fact they are public relations campaigns or social networks used principally for electoral campaigns or for commercial advertising. The practice essentially uses supposedly natural or spontaneous messages to distort or manipulate public opinion.  During this session, we will discuss this practice as well as other related phenomena such as false accounts and the bots that spread the messages. We will also find out about Mariluz’s experience in other analysis areas.

The Think Commons session will take place online via the following link: Think Commons #10.  We will meet in Hirikilabs at 17:15 to take part in the session as a group.


Mariluz Congosto

Researcher and programmer