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Tilva Ros

Young skaters. Tilva Ros, a film by Nikola Lezaic

Tilva Ros, Nikola Lezaic, Serbia, 2010, 102', OV with Spanish subtitles. DCP. 1

The director Nikola Lezaic was 29 when he presented his first feature film on the festival circuit: a portrait of two skater friends, Toda y Stefan, who live in Tilva Ros, a mining town on the periphery, where the only thing to do is skate, record yourself being an idiot and wonder what will happen when the last summer of youth comes to an end, just before major changes.

Best Film and Best Actor at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2010. / Special Jury Prize at the Gijón Festival 2010. 

  • Date: Sunday, 13 March 2016
  • Schedule: 18:00
  • Location: Cinema - Screen 1
  • Access: Ticket
  • Price: 3,5€ (2x1 for underageds)
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