Hirikikas - Making real time generative sound and graphics with visual coding - Roman Ljubimov, Pablo Escauriaza | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Making real time generative sound and graphics with visual coding

tools sound creation

The sound and the visuals don´t have why to treat in different systems, there are environments of programming that allow to create of experimental form. And this way, from the image to concern the sound or from the sound concern the image. 

In this respect the most used environments are in the habit of being those that allow the visual programming, this workshop in concrete proposes to work from two different environments Pure Data and Máx/MSP like contrast.

The idea is to explain the bases of this type of programming to happen later to use existing blocks of code that facilitate the creation of the most complex projects. From here, we will centre the workshop on the resources of creation that can be in use in both disciplines: synthesis and leaked of audio, sequence, randomness, effects and distortion... We will investigate in the communication of these programs with other systems as Arduino, Internet ... using protocols like OSC or MIDI. From the theory we will begin to do small projects in groups with which to be able to assimilate better than is treating.

To take advantage to the maximum of the course, we recommend to bring laptops with the following installed programs:


Roman Ljubimov


Pablo Escauriaza

Artista visual interdisciplinar.